CNG Cylinder Inspections

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 304 requires CNG vehicle fuel cylinders to be inspected every 3 years or 36,000 miles.  Inspections ensure safety and compliance with the law.  We are mobile and will inspect your vehicles at your facility.  Call us for an appointment 918.519.5690

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Training Curriculum and Equipment

Clean Fuels Institute can provide assistance in developing alternative fuels training for your fleet technician or in-house training program.  We develop online curriculum, classroom materials, and hands-on training equipment for CNG vehicle training, propane vehicle training, and electric vehicle (EV) training.  Clean Fuels Institute also provides assistance to educational institutions who either desire to develop an alternative fuels training program or fine tune an existing program.

Technician Training

Clean Fuels Institute has teamed up with Oklahoma City Community College's Professional Development Institute to provide quality hands-on technician training required by the State of Oklahoma for CNG Vehicle, LPG Vehicle, EV, and CNG Compressor technician licensing.